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About Us

Truelove Music is a world leader in dance & electronica music publishing.

The company has an international reach far more extensive than many much larger publishers. We boast worldwide repertoire, with composers from as far afield as Brazil and Japan, combined with direct royalty collection arrangements in more than 17 territories, and strong independent partners in the remaining active global territories

Yet, still small and agile enough to provide a personal service for our writers and administered catalogues, Truelove Music is the very definition of a boutique publisher. We know our catalogue and, being specialists in our genre, know where best to place their music and where to find our composers’ royalties

This also allows us to offer an individual & tailored service for licensees & music users. We are able to react to requests for music spontaneously, and have a sufficiently large catalogue (in excess of 38,000 compositions) to offer genuine choice.


Pan-European Income from Digital Downloads

With electronic music being the first to embrace digital downloads, we grasped the need to be on top of digital royalty collection early on.  Truelove Music is a founding member of IMPEL, which made us one of the first independent publishers able to collect digital download royalties for our writers, royalties that would otherwise be lost or held back by online stores and streaming services, on a fully pan-european basis.


Digital Fingerprinting

Truelove Music has been an advocate of music recognition technology from day one and we’re now starting to see electronic artists reap the rewards as more and more venues come on board. Ensuring the correct data is registered with DJ Monitor, Soundmouse, YACAST and other MRT services is paramount for all music producers and we are perfectly placed to make sure all our artists and catalogue get fair remuneration when their music is played in clubs and other venues.


Success in Synchronisation

Since its inception, Truelove Music artists have been instrumental in 5 UK top 5 singles, (Florence & The Machine, Rihanna, Katy Perry etc.) and we’ve seen countless synchronisations thanks to a strong repertoire of artists such as Gui Boratto, Giorgia Angiuli, GusGus and Fingers Inc. as well as hits for David Guetta, Taio Cruz and Kylie, and Leona Lewis to name a few.

Securing commercial and broadcasting syncs across both traditional and new media is one of the core aspects of what Truelove Music does. Recent advertisement successes include placements for Rowse Honey, Milka, United Colours Of Benetton, MAC Cosmetics, Estee Lauder, Charlotte Tilbury & BONDS. Across streaming and broadcasting services we’ve secured sync deals for a wide variety of repertoire including Spektre (Alex Rider), Meduza (Soltos Em Floripa, Love Island), Girogia Angiuli (Terrace House), Mr. Fingers/Larry Heard (South Side, Sweetbitter, Master Of None), GusGus (Now Apocalypse), Pnau (Sally4Ever, The Innocents) and Killaflaw (The A-List).

In the past few years we have worked with a range of both traditional and new media broadcasters including BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Sky, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Starz and Comedy Central. Synchronisations with Sony Playstation’s and Nintendo Wii’s leading games brands have been concluded and online gaming now represents a significant revenue stream for sync deals. Commercial deals across a variety of media continue to be a primary focus of the sync department at Truelove Music and, besides the latest placements mentioned above, notable deals include Faul & Wad vs. Pnau’s ‘Changes’ in the Mercedes C-Class commercial, Florence and The Machine’s ‘You’ve Got The Love’ for Zales’ Mothers Day campaign (USA), a global Coca-Cola campaign, a Winston brand tie-in (Steve Lawler) and prominent usages by leading fashion brands Chanel (Gui Boratto), Bottega Veneta (Gui Boratto) and Vogue (Guy J).



After his first hand experience of the service provided to composers by the major music publishers in the early 90’s, John Truelove CEO of Truelove Music was convinced he could do a better job at managing his own publishing. This conviction and his immediate success at tracking and collecting royalties drew other producers and songwriters to him.

So, starting with Dave Clarke‘s Magnetic North releases, Truelove Music began with individual songs from the material released through more than 50 labels from the Truelove Label Collective and during the 1990s the resulting material was released on thousands of compilations worldwide.

Using his passion for technology John Truelove developed new systems to track and monitor royalty collection on behalf of his writers’ repertoire. By 2004 through acquisition of more material and development of his own roster, he had built up the Truelove Music catalogue to over 2000 songs.

An active policy of both taking on the administration of other publishing catalogues and signing songwriters’ entire repertoire  led to swift expansion, so that and by the end of 2006 the Truelove Music catalogue had nearly doubled again.

Aware of the prospect of dwindling physical record sales afflicting the whole industry and the advancement of mp3 and download technology, from which the dance market was the first to suffer, Truelove Music turned their focus to developing media for film, television and other special projects.

With a roster of successful musicians and composers already signed we became a kind of executive producer, directing our artists to change their emphasis from the standard 6 minute dance track to the 30 second commercial – the inclusion of ‘You Got The Love’ as the final song in the final episode of HBO’s Sex & The City series, as well as a slew of independent movie and computer game placements heralded this change.

Film cues in a variety of Brit flicks such as Layer Cake, Football Factory, syncs in a variety of top selling workout videos & computer games, and interest in a slew of pop and dance hits formed the basis for the company’s success. At the company’s offices by London’s Tower Bridge, UK gold and silver, and Australian gold records vie for wall space with the countless albums, compilations and 12” records with which Truelove Music has been involved. The noughties saw many UK top tens including The Source – ‘You Got The Love’ and Micky Modelle’s ‘Dancing In The Dark’. Music was also composed for several BBC documentaries as well as National Geographic TV and UK TV commercials (Lucozade, Fosters and PC World). Existing tracks were licensed to workout videos TurboJam, Sony Playstation, and music featured on countless TV shows on national network TV, including the World Cup and a Kate Moss documentary, plus numerous major and independent label compilations.

New developments in advertising and expanding our library of music are scheduled for [php]echo date(‘Y’, strtotime(‘+1 year’));[/php], as well as further exploitation in the existing fields of the company’s catalogue. Most importantly, the efficient collection and prompt distribution of mechanical and performance royalties to our writers and composers continue to be constantly refined and improved, significantly exceeding industry standards.

Contact us to be part our growth into [php]echo date(‘Y’, strtotime(‘+1 year’));[/php] and beyond.