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Dave Clarke

Dave Clarke, the Baron of Techno – a moniker given to him by none other than John Peel – has spent 20 years as one of the world’s leading techno DJs as well as being renowned as an anti-establishment and outspoken authority on the electronic music scene. He found his way into music in the 90s with influences as broad as Devo, early Chicago house and soul music, which eventually landed him a DJ slot in Brighton. Soon such gigs provided Clarke with a meagre living and then in 1994 his reputation was sealed by a series of EPs known collectively as ‘Red’.

Red 1 and Red 2 are acknowledged as not only as a defining moment for Clarke’s career – it was after them that John Peel gave him the famous nickname – but in the evolution of techno itself. The debut album by Clarke Archive One, which these tracks appear on, was hailed for its innovative approach to blending sounds, a rarity in techno terms at the time. ‘Wisdom to the Wise’ on Red 2 still stands as one of the most timeless and classic techno tracks ever produced.

Now a resident of Amsterdam, from where he broadcasts his award-winning radio show ‘White Noise’ and runs the label of the same name – signing our own Woody Mcbride among others – technology enthusiast Clarke remains a regular at clubs like Fabric in London, The Rex in Paris and headlines festivals like Glade in the UK and Extrema in Holland.

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