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Shiloh – Colin & Justin Moreh

Shiloh’s rise to the top came fast and furiously with their very first single, “Will U Ever Come Around“,  becoming one of the biggest dance releases of 2003. The progressive breaks genre that had taken over at that time was championed by Shiloh and 2007’s “Café Del Mariachi” reconfirmed their ability to create a dance floor bomb, getting constant play from Sasha for months. Their artist album Bleed gained almost universally positive praise from industry press and DJs alike.

As producers Shiloh are an icon of the dance music scene. Their discography has grown too numerous to keep track of with well over 100 entries of originals, remixes, compilation appearances and video game credits. They’ve done remixes for EMI and Global Underground, been commissioned by Jaguar Motorcars, and their music has made it into a handful of Sony Playstation games. Their mix compilation appearances resemble a who’s who list.

Shiloh’s illustrious journey through this scene hasn’t been driven by marketing specialists or press juggernauts. Their success hasn’t been fueled by gimmicks. In fact, one thing has spearheaded their career and one thing alone… their music. It’s this fact that has made Shiloh an undeniably revered treasure to all progressive-minded dance music fans–a sentiment that has withstood the test of time and will continue to for many years to come.